Version 2.5.0

Version 2.5.0 includes a number of enhancements:
  • Improved support for importing ZIP files from the Files app on iOS 13. This will mainly help with restoring manual backups.
  • In the list of Visits on the Contact window, it will now show the full note from each Visit spanning multiple lines. This allows users to easily read what happened on previous visits without opening each visit one-by-one.
  • When adding a new Visit of type “Not at Home” it will now auto-insert any Plans into the Next Visit Details section, effectively carrying the Plans forward so you don’t need to type them again.
  • Added a double-confirm when enabling GDPR mode to minimise any chance the user enables it by mistake.

The following issues were resolved:

  • Fixed issue with the Today screen Activity Plugin not calculating Visits correctly. It was including any manual Visits recorded, but not the Visits against Contacts.
  • Fixed issue with “Other Publications” and “Other Videos” not correctly +/- on the Today screen.
  • Fixed possible issue when sending your Report via Telegram. The phone number in Settings > Reporting must be an exact match to the contacts phone number in Telegram.
  • Fixed long-press on a month in the Year calendar not going to the correct month in some Time Zones.
You can see further details about this update in the Issue Tracker Milestone.

Thank you again for using ServicePlanner. If you feel inspired to leave a review on the App Store it would be greatly appreciated 🙂

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