Adding Videos to ServicePlanner

Once you have added Videos to the ServicePlanner Library, you can then start to report the videos as “shown” to your Contacts. They will be counted on your Report. As of version 1.2 the Videos will also be shown in the Contact Library. And if you have added the Video URLs you can stream or download the Video directly from ServicePlanner.

💡Please read the steps below and then watch the demo at the end of this article.

The Basic Steps

You can get away with the bare minimum:

  1. In the Library click on a Video category like “Ministry”
  2. Add the Title of the Video – eg: “Does God Have a Name?”
  3. Press “Done”

That is enough to get started! The video is now ready to be recorded against your Contacts and added to your Report.

Adding Additional Details

If you want to go further, then you will need to access the JW Broadcasting website ( for the additional details to add to ServicePlanner.

  1. Go to JW Broadcasting using the Safari browser on your device (
  2. Find the search button. On a mobile device this is typically hidden top/right under the menu toggle button. Hit the menu button and you will see “Search”.
  3. Search for the video you want. For example search for “Does God have” – that should be enough to locate the “Does God Have a Name?” video.
  4. On the video page, at the top is the page address, otherwise known as the URL. A URL looks like something this “…”. You can select the entire URL in the browser and then “Copy” it. Switch back to ServicePlanner and “Paste” the URL into the “Broadcast URL” field.
    • Tip: That is often enough to auto-populate much of the remaining details in ServicePlanner – just hit the “search” button on the right side of the Broadcast URL field. However for the sake of clarity, I will continue to show you how to manually complete the video details.
  5. If you want to add the cover image to the Video, switch back to the page in Safari, and on the video image lightly “tap+hold”. A menu will appear giving you the option of “Save Image” or “Copy”. Click “Save Image” to put the into your Camera Roll. Then switch back to ServicePlanner, click “Add Cover”, and “Choose Photo”. Give ServicePlanner permission to access your Photos. The click “Moments” and choose the image you just added. This will insert the image into the cover placeholder.
  6. Copy the Length of the video from the Broadcasting page into the “Duration” field in ServicePlanner.
  7. In Safari tap the “Download” button. Y0u will see a menu appear with 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p. Tap+hold on the video size you would like – for example tap+hold on the 720p option in the list. A menu will appear. Click “Copy”. Switch back to ServicePlanner and click inside the “720p” field and “Paste” the video URL.

That’s it! You can click “Done” and you have added that video and all details you need to fully utilise it in ServicePlanner.

If you open the Video detail window again you will see some other options are now available. For example you can add the video to the Today screen in ServicePlanner. Or you can click the button next to the “720p” option and Stream the video (connection required) or Download the video so that you can play it offline later.

Here is a screencast demonstrating the above steps…